Art can define how visitors to your business’ perceive you. First impressions count. If you are a corporate office, a hipster bar or a start-up boutique hotel…we can help you create the right impression.

More importantly though,  art in the workplace can reduce stress and improve productivity, according to studies.

A recent study commissioned by leading art experts at the Affordable Art Fair, in partnership with YouGov, found a shocking 50 per cent of Brits who work indoors say there is no artwork in their workplace at all, with 65 per cent unable to see any art from their desk.

And almost a third believe artwork should be installed in workplaces to improve productivity, and this came ahead of sleep pods, ping pong tables and beanbags.

It isn’t just down to aesthetics either; 27 per cent of workers with art in their office said it makes them feel happy, whilst 21 per cent said it makes them feel peaceful.

In fact, nearly a fifth believe introducing art into offices helps to stimulate creative discussion, and is crucial for brainstorming and problem solving.

The research also revealed the most desirable types of artwork for an office:


A photograph of a landscape (35 per cent)

A painting of a landscape (33 per cent)

An abstract painting (25 per cent)


‘It’s the little things in our workplace environments that can have a big, positive impact on the everyday lives of those that work there – and artwork has a huge role to play in this,’ said Dr Harriet Shortt, expert on the workplace environment. ‘These findings prove that artwork makes workers feel happier, more peaceful and more creative, and are a call to action for many organisations to reconsider the bland bare walls that surround their workforce.

‘This isn’t just about making our workplace walls more attractive or having art for art’s sake; this is about helping our workforce’s become more reflective, imaginative and inventive.

‘And in today’s fast paced working world where innovation and adaptability are key, surely all organisations should be looking to find new and exciting ways to inspire their workforce and stimulate creative discussions. Investment in art could be one such way.’

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